Real Estate Tax

The real estate tax is assessed on real property. The Board of Assessors is responsible for the assessment of taxes and the Collector's Office is responsible for the collection of the taxes assessed by the Board.

Bills & Payments

The Town of Southbridge is on a quarterly tax billing system. Bills are mailed twice per year, a preliminary bill is mailed on or about June 30th and the actual bill is mailed on or about December 31st. Two payment stubs are mailed with each bill. Preliminary bills mailed on June 30th are due on August 1st (or 30 days after mailing) and November 1st. Actual bills mailed on December 31st are due on February 1st and May 1st. If the actual tax bill is mailed after December 31st, both quarterly amounts are due on May 1st.

Late payments are subject to interest at the rate of 14% per annum. Any bill that remains unpaid after May 1st will result in the issuance of demand notice and the addition of a $10 demand fee. Bills that remain unpaid can and will be advertised for Tax Taking. This is a collection procedure that secures a lien on the property and protects the Town's right to payment of overdue property taxes. The Town will then maintain the right to foreclose on the property if necessary.

Payments in cash or check may be made at the Collector's Office. A payment drop box is located on the side of the Town Hall for taxpayers' convenience. You can pay current bills online by following a link on all Collector web pages to our online payment center. Check payments may be made by mail to Town of Southbridge PO Box 428 Worcester, MA 01613. For a receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If no receipt is desired, forward the remittance advice with your payment. Payment is considered made when received by the Collector.

Please note: Failure to receive the bill does not negate the bill, you will be held responsible for all interest and charges if the bill is not paid by the due date.


If you have questions about the amount of your bill, abatements or exemptions, you should visit the Assessor's web page or contact the Assessor's Office at 508-764-5404. If you have questions about payments, you should contact the Collector's Office at 508-764-5410.