Water & Sewer Bills

Water and sewer bills are issued quarterly in early February, May, August, and November. Your bill is due within thirty days from the date of the original billing. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the owner of the obligation of timely payment or the consequences of non-payment. Interest at a rate of 14% will be added to all bills not paid within thirty days from the date of the billing. If not paid, a demand for payment will be issued and a fee of $10 for both water and sewer (MGL Ch 60, Sec 15) will be added. Section 18-A-3 of the Town of Southbridge By-Laws allows discontinuance of water service for non-payment of any account. Unpaid charges will be lined on the following year's real estate tax bill. Turn off and turn on charges apply to accounts that have been discontinued.


Payments in cash or check may be made at the Collector's Office. A payment drop box is located on the side of the Town Hall for taxpayers' convenience. You can pay current bills online by following a link on all Treasurer and Collector web pages to our online payment center. Check payments may be made by mail to Town of Southbridge PO Box 428 Worcester, MA 01613. For a receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If no receipt is desired, forward the remittance advice with your payment. Payment is considered made when received by the Collector.

Abatement Applications

You have the right to contest your bill. To do so, you must file an application for abatement in writing on an approved form with the Assessor's Office. The filing deadline for abatements is 30 days after the date the bills were mailed. The filing of abatement does not stay the collection of your bill. You must pay your bill by the due date. A refund or credit to your account will be applied if the abatement is granted. Abatement applications are considered filed when received by the Assessor's Office. If your application is not received by the application deadline, the D.P.W. cannot, by law, grant an abatement.


If you have questions about the amount of your bill or about abatements, you should contact the Assessor's Office at 508-764-5404. If you have questions about payments, you should contact the Collector's Office at 508-764-5410.