Development Projects & Zoning Initiatives

The Planning Board reviews a number of applications throughout the year, including Special Permits, Site Plans, Approval Not Required (ANR), Definitive and Preliminary Subdivision Plans, Scenic Road Permits and modifications of previously approved permits. Additionally, the Planning Board holds public hearings and makes recommendations on proposed zoning amendments. State Law (MGL 40A, Section 5) requires that the Planning Board conduct a public hearing and present its report to the Town Council on all proposed zoning amendments.

What follows are projects and zoning initiatives that have been recently reviewed by the Planning Board. However, not all projects are listed here. Please contact the Town Planner at 508-764-5402 if you have any questions.

Affordable Housing

Residential development in Town follows a permitting process either via the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The ZBA manages the work associated with 40B Comprehensive Permits, which results in the production of affordable housing. Visit the Zoning Board of Appeals to learn more.

Projects in Permitting Phase

This is a list of applications under review by the Planning Board. The name of each project links to project materials you can view, including application materials, staff comments, comments from the public, and other project-related materials. If you would like to comment on special permit applications that are still in the public hearing phase of permitting, you can use the Public Comment Form.

  • There are no projects listed in the permitting phase at this time.

Approved Projects and Under Construction

These are projects approved recently by the Planning Board. These projects are in the construction/completion phase based on conditions provided for in the permit approval. The name of each project links to the final Planning Board decision, along with the documents specific to approval.

Zoning Bylaw and Map Amendments

These are zoning bylaw and map amendments currently proposed that have a Public Hearing scheduled with the Planning Board. Additionally, listed here are recently approved amendments by the Town Council. The title of each project links to documents you can view on the project. If you would like to comment on zoning initiatives that are still in the public hearing phase, you can use the Public Comment Form.

  • Zone Map Change - East Main Street, Ashland Avenue, Sandersdale Road, N. Woodstock Road, Golf Street, Kingsley Street, and Douty Street.