Water Department

Report a problem

If you have an emergency related to the public water supply, or if you need to report a problem with the water supply infrastructure, you may call 508-764-3207 at any time. Simply tell the operator the nature of your emergency and the appropriate party will be notified.

Questions regarding billing & consumption

If you have questions regarding payments or need to set up a payment plan, you should contact the Town Collector at 508-764-5410.

If you have questions regarding regarding consumption amounts or need to file an abatement of water or sewer charges, you should contact the Town Assessor at 508-764-5404.


Southbridge's public water supply starts in our watershed, where water is collected into five reservoirs along Hatchet Brook and Cohasse Brook with a combined capacity of about one billion gallons.

The raw water from these reservoirs is conveyed to the Water Treatment Plant, where it goes through several treatment processes to make it safe for distribution. The treatment plant is designed to treat up to six million gallons per day (MGD), and is currently registered to withdraw 2.0 MGD.

Finished water enters the distribution system, which consists of three major service pressure zones and five sub-systems serviced by booster pump stations. The system also has four active water storage tanks to regulate pressures and handle fluctuating demands. The distribution system utilizes approximately 110 miles of water main to carry water from the treatment plant to our customers.

The Town of Southbridge Water Department supplies up to 500,000 gallons of water per day to customers in the Town of Charlton in accordance with an Intermunicipal Agreement.