Clothing, Shoes & Other Textiles

Textile recycling is more than just clothes! Besides clothing, such as shirts, pants, dresses and shorts, textiles include:

  • bedding
  • backpacks
  • curtains
  • towels
  • stuffed animals
  • gloves
  • belts
  • ties
  • purses
  • handbags
  • shoes
  • slippers
  • undergarments 
  • holey socks

Many organizations will accept textiles that you may consider unwearable, like holey socks or ripped t-shirts, and recycle them to make other products such as:

  • wiping rags
  • car seat and pillow stuffing
  • and household insulation
Organization Telephone Website Types of Resources Information
The Salvation Army 800-SA-Truck Donation, Recycling Accepts clothing, shoes, furniture and more.
Planet Aid 888-893-0648 Donation, Recycling Planet Aid is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used textiles to protect the environment and support sustainable development in impoverished communities around the world.
Big Brother Big Sister Foundation 800-483-5503 Donation Accepts shoes, clothing and small household items.