Standard Batteries

  • Single use alkaline batteries may be placed in the trash
  • Button batteries used in hearing aids and watches contain mercury, a metal that is toxic to humans when inhaled or ingested. To dispose of these items:

Automotive Batteries (Lead Acid)

Auto care batteries contain lead acid and as such are corrosive. Items with the Corrosive, Explosive, Flammable, or Poisonous symbol must be taken to HHW Day or disposed of at a commercial hazardous waste facility.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries that contain metals that pose risks to human health and the environment should not be disposed of in the trash. This list includes:

  • Li-lon
  • NiCd
  • Ni-MH
  • Ni-ZN

To dispose of rechargeable batteries:

  • Staples accepts used rechargeable batteries
  • Take part in HHW Day
  • Contact a commercial hazardous waste facility